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Traditional Dalmatian cuisine

Our dishes

Enjoy a uniquely-designed menu and taste the blend of traditional Dalmatian cuisine and modern ways of cooking at affordable prices


Menu À la carte

Cold appetizers

  1. Dalmatian prosciutto and homemade cheese with olives
  2. Octopus salad with spring onions and tomatoes
  3. Fish pate with baked bread
  4. Sea bass carpaccio on a crispy salad base
  5. Marinated prawns on a crispy salad base 
  6. Tuna tartare with avocado cream and pickled ginger 
  7. Caesar salad chicken white meat, toasted bread, yogurt sauce 
  8. Greek salad with feta cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, onions and sour cream 
  9. Bruschetta with cottage cheese, shrimp and salad 
  10. Bruschetta with tomatoes, feta cheese and olives

Soup and Hot appetizers

  1. Shrimp cream soup 
  2. Tomato cream soup
  3. Clear fish soup with fish meat and rice 
  4. Jacob’s cap baked in veloute sauce (1 piece)
  5. Fried octopus on a crispy salad base with tartar sauce 
  6. Grilled octopus with garlic sauce and hot peppers 9
  7. Fried picarels (whitebet) with tartar sauce 
  8. Shrimp tails breaded in panko crumbs with sweet and spicy sauce 
  9. Black risotto with cuttlefish and parmesan crust 
  10. Noodles with shrimp and zucchini 
  11. Spaghetti alla bolognese
  12. Spaghetti with tomato sauce (V) 
  13. Baked pancakes with chopped chard and fresh cream cheese (V)

Fish dishes

  1. Scorpion fish, John Dory, Dentex 1 kg 
  2. Sea bass, Sea bream, Turbot 1 kg (fish is prepared on the grill, cooked, backed in salt or in the oven, according to the guest’s choice)
  3. Fish plate for 2 persons (sea bass, gilthead sea bream, squid, shrimp, tuna, mussels and chard in Dalmatian)
  4. Morska teća alla gregada for 2 people CHEF SPECIAL (cooked white fish, clams, mussels, shrimps, potatoes)
  5. Adriatic squid 1 kg 
  6. Grilled squid, swis chard with boiled potatoes 
  7. Fried squid with fried potatoes
  8. Squid and octopus stew with flavored polenta (national dish)
  9. Fish fillet in shrimp sauce with flavored polenta and fried arugula
  10. Grilled tuna steak with Mediterranean vegetables, wasabi and soy sauce
  11. Adriatic shrimp from the grill / on the buzara
  12. Adriatic shells – Mussels on buzara / Clams on buzara
  13. Lobster 1 kg on buzara with pasta / grilled with cocktail sauce

Meat dishes

  1. Dalmatian pasticada with homemade gnocchi (national dish)
  2. Sauer kraut rols with mashed potatoes (national dish) 
  3. Grilled beefsteak, fried potatoes and vegetables 
  4. Beefsteak in shrimp sauce with truffles, white polenta and fried arugula 
  5. Premium veal cutlet, baked potatoes with zucchini, carrot cream 
  6. Roast lamb shank, mashed potatoes, sauteed vegetables and roasting sauce 
  7. Grilled lamb fillet, white polenta, carrot cream and roasting sauce 
  8. Rogoznica steak, breaded pork fillet, ham, cheese, cream sauce, fried potatoes 
  9. Chicken sticks in sesame, fried potatoes, tartar sauce 
  10. Grilled chicken breast, croquettes and cheese sauce 
  11. Stuffed burger with feta cheese, đuveđ rice and fried potatoes 
  12. Pork fillet stew with vegetables in tomato and hot pepper sauce, white polenta, hot peppers
  13. Plate Rogoznica for 2 people (rump steak, burger, stuffed skewers, stuffed chicken , rice đuveđ, fried potatoes, grilled vegetables)

Side dishes and salads

  1. Roasted vegetables 
  2. Swiss chard 
  3. Fried potatoes 
  4. Baked potatoes with zucchini 
  5. Seasonal salad of your choice 
  6. Daily fresh homemade bread (porc)


  1. . Daily cake
  2. Almond semifreddo 
  3. Pancakes with ice cream and forest fruits 
  4. Pancakes with nutella
  5. Liquid chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream 
  6. Vanilla ice cream with pumpkin oil and fried almonds 

We make cakes  fresh every day and our waiters will be happy to introduce you to the daily offer.

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